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Sevilla October/November

I was sooooo excited and ready to finally go back to Sevilla after a few years, since I usually go every year. I had not been back for a while because I was in an intensive and amazingly life changing Meisner acting training (at The Meisner Technique Studio) that takes two and a half years to complete including the business class. Going to Spain after the training was such a beautiful thing to do; I was more confident, open, and knew why I was there.



I am absolutely loving the process of discovering as I flush out these two particular characters today (and beyond). It is extremely exciting and I have so many more characters to play with and know that focusing on these two for today (and for a while) will be beneficial because I am focused on being authentic. There is a whole lot of layering involved and I truly respect each step of the way. Day by day.


It’s Worth the Sacrifices

Five plus years ago, when I decided to take the next step in the artistic career (dance/acting/comedy) that I had been running since I was 14, I knew I had to shed everything away to plunge in deeper; so I cut and donated my long waist length hair, went to therapy, postponed my regular shows/projects and found different ways of making money to go through a two year intensive Meisner acting training (it’s way beyond acting), broke up with my fiancé, gave up my personal belongings, couch surfed, fully devoted my existence to art and helping others more than ever before.


A certified Actualization Mentor, featured professional as “Living The Dream” in Sunset Magazine, founder of Invigorating Movement (TM), flamenco dancer, stand-up comedian, meisner actor, speaker, author, sister, friend, here to help our world be brighter one person at a time. I love actualizing visions into a tangible reality so helping people fully live their dreams is a momentous gift I revere. I tour internationally, perform in public and private events regularly, help people in groups and one on one.

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